A new

The first project we completed for our Investment Bank client
went so well, they invited us back for an even bigger challenge.

Case Study
Gigamtic data

Gigantic data

We were presented with over 1,000,000 data points that our client wanted to integrate in to a visual experience to help users manage those resources better.

A global team

Not only was the project complex, the stakeholders were
complex too. From C Level input in multiple global locations to
hands on operatives in IT, Finance, HR – we interviewed and
met with all the users over the globe.

data visualization

We presented new ways of visualizing IT infrastructure, data centers, communication points, single points of failure – and many many more elements. All in a simple and logical way.

Multiple views

We presented costs saving views, physical views, technical views. All in the same design paradigm across devices – phone, tablet and desktop.

reponsive on laptop computer and mobile devices

Faster, better, more control

Now for the first time in the banks 100 year history could their vast technical assets be
seen in one place and interacted with. Driving utilization up and costs down. Reducing risk,
planning for unexpected events and improving services.