Our process

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We start by understanding what you want. Sounds easy, but it’s not as simple as it seems. We have different views from various stakeholders that may change as we go through a project. We are experts at keeping everyone together – embracing challenges and ensuring we don’t leave team members disenfranchised. We use data (internal and external) to help decision making, we use prototypes and design to help articulate a path that people can follow. We ask a lot of questions and do a lot of listening.

Digital Audits

Even today the majority of marketing decision makers are troubled with digital implementation. Poor websites, late delivery, low value for money, not achieving KPI’s and missing opportunities are some of the most common issues we hear. We can undertake a digital audit. Understanding where we are and what the opportunity actually is, for us is the starting point. Seeing that opportunity is the first part of achieving it. We analyse user behaviour through Analytics, we survey and question current users, benchmark competitors and analyse all of this data to provide a picture of the ‘now’ and what the future could be.

Digital Strategy

Planning how to meet your objectives is paramount. Many agencies rush into implementation and then backtrack when they realise that, what they have created will not achieve the required results. Our 15 years of experience working with an extremely diverse range of projects across various industries allows us to be more strategic in our implementations. We will devise a strategy of how you can succeed in your objectives and support this with evidence to corroborate our recommendations.

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Digital Service Design

Matching an experience to the needs of your users is critical. If it’s buying a product or completing a task, we think like users think. We remove barriers and build intuitive paths that users can remember and learn easily. Our apps and websites become preferential over others because users find them quick and simple to use.

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User Experience Design

We have an accelerated UX process that delivers award winning designs. Our visually led approach comprises wireframes, process flows and screen designs that are tested in prototype form before any code begins ensuring zero waste and maximum value.

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We implement all our development projects with a robust Agile project management methodology. Our experienced scrum masters have thousands of hours of experience in guiding a client through the process. Our projects are delivered on time and on budget with clear documentation and audit trails that satisfy the most stringent of corporate and project governance.