It's not wanted, it's expected!

Designing for todays user is not what it used to be. Not necessarily in a bad way but our job has without doubt never been so tough. Once upon a time a design could wow a user with it's looks and sex appeal alone but today it has to do everything they want it to within 1 touch and 2 micro seconds of response. No, sorry forget that, it's not what they want at all, it's absolutely what they expect!

That's the difference with where we are now, today. The user simply has expectations unlike never before. Every user is more savvy and even the less tech savvy among us are only days behind the early adopters. Simply put, our users expect their needs to be served up on a plate. The good thing is there are ways and means to service these users. User experience and service design has the imperative job to break down their expectations in order to understand what they are in fine detail.

Understanding the user, why they like one interface, app or website over another can be partly down to personal  opinion but for the most part it's down to the science of what that digital experience provides. From visual creativity to interaction and engagement and more importantly how that experience can improve or fit seamlessly into the everyday life of the user and prove a helpful and enjoyable tool to use and crucially, use again is what indicates the success of that service.

Digital service agencies can no longer second guess their tough critics, that would be a serious under estimation. At Newborne we don't make experiences because we think the user will want to use them or like them, we build them because we've analysed the details, tested the water and can confidently say, the user will gain from them - And once we launch, we test again, we evolve it and we therefore allow the service we've created to grow with the expectations of the user continuing to meet them expectations and of course, exceed them!