Misleading comparisons – Time to stop

​“It took the telephone 78 years to get 100m users - it took Candy Crush 12 months”

Selecting Agencies – Who do you trust?

An agency will tell you anything to get your business. How do you get under the skin of what you’re being told to discover the truth?

Mary Meeker: The First Lady of the Internet

Every year the First Lady of the Internet, Mary Meeker, publishes a 100 page ‘state of the nation’ on what is changing online. This year we’ve picked out our highlights.

User Advocates

While our clients are the ones that keep us in business, it’s their users who keep them in business. If we look after their users our clients should in turn reap the benefits.

It's not wanted, it's expected!

Designing for todays user is not what it used to be. Not necessarily in a bad way but our job has without doubt never been so tough.

Ever evolving UI and design trends

The last few years have seen an amazing progression for the web and graphic design industries. Here we look at what's happening in more detail...

The funny thing about great UX

For a long time now, it's not simply been about the look and feel of an interface but how easy it is to get from A to B and perform tasks X and Y.